Ordinary Meeting 14 December 2016

Council Business Paper (PDF 10Mb)

Seperately Attached Attachments (PDF 68Mb)

Late Report - Development
Item 8.6 S82A Review of Determination - Rylstone Hotel Manager's Residence DA0096/2017 (PDF 643Kb)

Confirmed Minutes - Council Meeting 14 December 2016.pdf (PDF 146Kb)

  6. Notices of Motion or Recission
6.1 Community Grants Program Applications - Quarter 2 (PDF 126Kb)
6.2 Feasibility of a Solar Farm for MWRC (PDF 24Kb)
6.3 Red Hill Precinct (PDF 21Kb)
6.4 Triamble Road (PDF 21Kb)
6.5 Former Elders Building, Market Street Mudgee (PDF 20Kb)
6.6 Water Supply for Fire Fighting Standpipes and Hydrant Maintenance (PDF 18Kb)
  7. Office of the General Manager
7.1 Councillor Representatives on Section 355 Committees and Other External Bodies (PDF 26Kb)
7.2 MRTI Quarterly Report July to September 2016 (PDF 3Mb)
  8. Development
8.1 Food Inspection Report (PDF 24Kb)
8.2 Update on the Number of Matters Dealt with under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (PDF 470Kb)
8.3 Monthly Development Applications Processing & Determined (PDF 463Kb)
8.4 Events Assistance Application - Mudgee Rugby League 9s Tournament (PDF 24Kb)
8.5 Bowdens Silver CCC Meeting November 2016 (PDF 24Kb)
Item 8.5 Seperate Attachment (PDF 3Mb)
  9.  Finance 

Request to Lease Allotment 1 DP 1003936 Part of Mudgee Airport (PDF 109Kb)
Item 9.1 Seperate Attachment (PDF 9Mb)


Crudine Ridge Wind Farm P/L - request for Agreement over part Old Crudine Road road reserve (PDF 36Kb)
Item 9.2 Seperate Attachment (PDF 9Mb)

9.3 Monthly Budget Review October 2016 (PDF 1Mb)
9.4 Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 30 November 2016 (PDF 239Kb)
9.5 Naming of an unnamed road off Bylong Valley Way, Upper Growee (PDF 1Mb)
9.6 Naming of an unnamed road off Bylong Valley Way, Ilford (PDF 1Mb)
10. Operations
10.1 Mudgee Common Plan of Management (PDF 36Kb)
Item 10.2 Seperate Attachment (PDF 31Mb)

Putta Bucca Plan of Management (PDF 31Kb)
Item 10.2 Seperate Attachment (PDF 16Mb)

10.3 RFT 2016/06 Wollar Road Reconstruction Stage 1 (PDF 30Kb)
11. Community - Nil
12. Reports from Committees
12.1 Heritage Committee Meeting October and November 2016 (PDF 55Kb)
12.2 Local Traffic Committee Minutes - November (PDF 59Kb)
12.3 Cultural Development Committee (PDF 685Kb)
12.4 Mudgee Sports Council Ordinary Meeting and AGM - 31 October 2016 and 14 November 2016 (PDF 98Kb)