Ordinary Meeting 19 October 2016

Council Business Paper (PDF 17Mb) 

Separately Attached Attachments (PDF 19Mb)

Amended Attachment - Item 9.8 Monthly Budget Review August 2016 (PDF 473Kb)

Confirmed Minutes.pdf (PDF 315Kb)

  6. Notices of Motion or Recission 
  6.1 Establishment of a Youth Forum (PDF 47Kb)
  6.2 Paintball Facility  (PDF 42Kb)
  6.3 Re-establishment of Fitness Classes for Rylstone-Kandos under the Healthy Communities Program 2016-2017 (PDF 77Kb)
  7. Office of the General Manager
  7.1 MRTI Quarterly Report April to June 2016 (PDF 3Mb)
  7.2 Delegation of Authority for the General Manager (PDF 432Kb)
  8. Development
  8.1 Temporary Suspension of Alcohol Free Zones for Sections of Cudgegong and Louee Streets, Rylstone (PDF 296Kb)
  8.2 Local Heritage Grants 2016-17 (PDF 132Kb)
  8.3 Proposed Boundaries for Joint Organisations (PDF 740Kb)
  8.4 Rylstone Street Feast 2016 Events Assistance (PDF 48Kb)
  8.5 Monthly Development Applications Processing and Determined (PDF 488Kb)
  8.6 Heritage Committee September 2016 (PDF 61Kb)
  8.7 Events Assistance for January to June 2017 Events (PDF 152Kb)
  9.  Finance 
  9.1 Transfer of Land for Razorback Quarry (PDF 526Kb)
  9.2 Classification of Land - Drainage Reserves at 31 Knox Crescent Caerleon & 1 Hone Creek Drive Caerleon (PDF 265Kb)
  9.3 Classification of Land as Operational - Allotments 7-12 DP 705353 937 Crudine Road, Crudine (PDF 1Mb)
  9.4 Renaming Goree Lane to Gooree Lane (PDF 164Kb)
  9.5 CRALLEN Pty Ltd Request to Co-locate an Antenna at Mt Misery (PDF 53Kb)
  9.6 Naming of a New Street off Hone Creed Drive (PDF 50Kb)
  9.7 New and Amended 2016-17 Fees and Charges (PDF 107Kb)
  9.8 Monthly Budget Review August 2016 (PDF 503Kb)
  9.9 Community Grants Program Applications - Quarter 2 (PDF 213Kb)
  9.10 Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 31 August 2016 (PDF 61Kb)
  9.11 Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 30 September 2016 (PDF 61Kb)
  9.12 Revised Local Preference Policy (PDF 544Kb)
  9.13 Revised Procurement Policy (PDF 1Mb)
  9.14 T191617HUN Supply and Delivery of Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs) and Parts (PDF 104Kb)
  9.15 Supply and Delivery of Bulk Fuel (PDF 57Kb)
  9.16 Tender REGPRO041617 - Hygienic Services (PDF 97Kb)
 10. Operations
 10.1 RFT 2016-16 Widening of Fitzpatrick Bridge, Wollar Village (PDF 56Kb)
 10.2 Spring Flat South Lane Extension (PDF 265Kb)
 10.3 Waste Facility Closure Days (PDF 49Kb)
 11.  Community 
 11.1 Proposed Wool Monument (PDF 367Kb)
 11.2 Mid-Western Disability Inclusion Action Plan (PDF 49Kb)
 11.3 Safe Haven Enterprise Visa Scheme (PDF 907Kb)
 11.4 Kandos Rylstone Preschool - Extension Proposal  (PDF 2Mb)
 12. Reports from Committees 
 12.1 August Local Traffic Committee Minutes (PDF 761Kb)
 12.2 September Local Traffic Committee Minutes (PDF 1Mb)
 12.3 Mudgee Sports Council Meeting Minutes - 2 August and 30 August 2016 (PDF 158Kb)
 12.4 Gulgong Sports Council Meeting Minutes - 11 July and 8 August 2016 (PDF 372Kb)
 14. Confidential Session
 14.1 Triamble Road Land Acquisition
 14.2 Offer of Roads Maintenance Contribution by Kepco for the Bylong Coal Mine VPA
 14.3 Acquisition of Land known as Currens Cutting for Wollar Road Project
 14.4 Major Events at Glen Willow in 2017