Ordinary meeting 16 March 2016

Council business paper  (PDF 20Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper  (PDF 69Mb)

Confirmed Minutes from Council Meeting (PDF 252Kb)

  4. Matters in Progress
  6. Notices of Motion or Recission
  6.1 Planning Proposal for Robert Hoddle Drive Bombira (PDF 170Kb)
  6.2 Red Hill Committee (PDF 44Kb)
  7. Office of the General Manager
  7.1 MRTI Quarterly Report October to December 2015 (PDF 4Mb)
  8. Development
  8.1 DA0165/2015 - Paintball Facility (Recreation Facility, Outdoor) - 142 Winchester Crescent, Cooks Gap (PDF 750Kb)
DA0323/2015 (82A Review of Determination) - Signage - 21 Robertson Street, Mudgee (Golf Club) (PDF 464Kb)

MA0016/2016 - Modification of Consent (DA0152/2015) - 135 Lot Subdivision - 220 Ulan Road, Bombira (PDF 1Mb)

  8.4  Development Application DA0109/2016 - 45 Lot Residential Subdivision Lot 15 DP 1194019 Ulan Road and 66 Edgell Lane, Buckaroo (PDF 2Mb)
  8.5  Wilpinjong Coal Mine Expansion (PDF 1Mb)
  8.6  Land & Housing Supply Monitor Second Quarter 2015/16 (PDF 348Kb)
  8.7 Update on the Number of Matters Dealt with under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (PDF 237Kb)
  8.8 Voluntary Planning Agreement Caerleon - Amendment 2 (PDF 212Kb)
  9.  Finance 
  9.1 Monthly Budget Review January 2016 (PDF 170Kb)
  9.2  Monthly Statement of Investment and Bank Balances as at 29 February 2016 (PDF 277Kb)
  9.3  Transfer of Sections of Closed Road at Crudine to Adjoining Owners - Lots 7-12 DP 705353 (PDF 2Mb)
  9.4  Naming of a Park on the corner of Banjo Paterson Avenue & Eleanor Dark Court, Mudgee (PDF 6Mb)
  9.5  Extension of MRTI Contract (PDF 3Mb)
  11.  Community 
  11.1 Proposed Public Art Installation Sites (PDF 173Kb)
  11.2 Interactions Between Councillors and Staff Policy (PDF 2Mb)
  11.3  Parks Plans of Management (PDF 172Kb)
  14.1 General Manager's Performance Agreement