Ordinary meeting 21 October 2015

Council Business Paper (PDF 28Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper (PDF 16Mb)

Minutes from Council meeting (PDF 958Kb)

  Item No    Description
  6.1 Notices of Motion
  6.1.1 Financial Assistance for Gulgong Nightrider Bus (PDF 1002Kb)
  6.1.2 Council Submission on KEPCO Environmental Impact Statement (PDF 103Kb)
  6.2 Rescission Motions
  6.2.1 DA0228/2015 Commercial Shops, Shop top Housing and Strata subdivision - The Regent Theatre, 5-7 Church Street, Mudgee (PDF 277Kb)
  6.3 Reports (Open) 

Planning Proposal for Small lot aviation/residential subdivision associated with Airport on Lot 63 DP 618063, George Campbell Drive – Post Exhibition Report (PDF 605Kb)

  6.3.2   2015-16 Local Heritage Grants Allocation (PDF 267Kb)
  6.3.3   Monthly Development Applications Processing & Determined (PDF 2Mb)
  6.3.4   Temporary Suspension of Alcohol Free Zones for sections of Cudgegong and Louee Streets, Rylstone (PDF 420Kb)
  6.3.5   Airport Master Plan (PDF 166Kb)
  6.3.6   Events Assistance for January to June 2016 Events (PDF 440Kb)
  6.3.7  Monthly Budget Review August 2015 (PDF 200Kb)
  6.3.8  Monthly statement of investments and bank balances as at 30 September 2015 (PDF 142Kb)
  6.3.9 Financial Assistance Applications (PDF 337Kb)
  6.3.10 Additional Supplier - RFT 2013/04 General Contractors Preferred Supplier – EMS Group Pty Ltd (PDF 215Kb)
  6.3.11 Additional Supplier - RFT 2013/03 Wet & Dry Plant Hire Preferred Supplier – Greatwood Pty Ltd – Trading as Greater Water Trucks & TG Hire (PDF 249Kb)
  6.3.12 Request to Suspend General Waste Disposal Charges at Rylstone Aerodrome Airpark (PDF 264Kb)
  6.3.13  Naming of a new street in the Broadview subdivision (PDF 615Kb)
  6.3.14 Naming of an new street in the Caerleon Estate subdivision off Hill End Road (PDF 844Kb)
  6.3.15 Naming of the remaining section of Old George Campbell Drive (PDF 2Mb)
  6.3.16 Naming of new streets in the subdivision off Ulan Road (PDF 191Kb)
  6.3.17  Deconstruction of Ulan Wollar Temporary Detour Road  (PDF 198Kb)
  6.3.18  Mudgee Golf Club Fence – Robertson Road  (PDF 1Mb)
  6.3.19 Proposed Dedication as Public Road – Allotment 52 DP 1205480 (PDF 325Kb) 
  6.3.20 Consideration of customer connections to Council’s raw water transfer pipelines  (PDF 275Kb)
  6.3.21 RFQ 2015/14 Preferred Suppliers List for Bitumen Spray Sealing 2015/16 Program  (PDF 259Kb)
  6.3.22 RFT 2015/13 Design and Construct Four Bridges  (PDF 201Kb)
  6.3.23 RFT 2015/07 Wollar Road Upgrade - Engineering Investigation, Design and Project Management Services (PDF 200Kb) 
  6.3.24 Policy on Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Councillors  (PDF 5Mb)
  6.3.25 Disclosures by Councillors and Designated Persons Section 449(3) Return – Tabling of Returns  (PDF 235Kb)
  6.3.26 Cultural Development Committee  (PDF 2Mb)
  6.3.27 Local Traffic Committee Minutes of Meeting held 24 July 2015  (PDF 3Mb)
  6.3.28 Gulgong Sports Council – July and August 2015 (PDF 235Kb)
  6.3.29 Mudgee Sports Council Meeting – 25 August 2015 (PDF 294Kb)
  6.3.30 Red Hill Committee Meeting –September 2015  (PDF 185Kb)
  6.3.31 LATE REPORT: Financial Assistance Application Gulgong Christmas Celebration 2015 (PDF 222Kb) 
  8.1 Reports (Closed)
  8.1.1 Voluntary Planning Agreement – Peabody Energy Australia (Wilpinjong)