Ordinary meeting 18 November 2015

Council Business Paper (PDF 12Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper (PDF 23Mb)

Separate Attachment 6.2.6 Financial Statements 2014-15 (PDF 6Mb)

Separate Attachment 6.2.7 Quarterly Budget Review September 2015 (PDF 1Mb)

Separate Attachment (Late Report) 6.2.38 DA0228/2015 The Regent Theatre Mudgee (PDF 7Mb)

Minutes FINAL from Council meeting (PDF 2Mb)

  6.2 Reports (Open) 

DA0072/2016, Dwelling House @ 52 Lue Road Milroy (PDF 3Mb)

  6.2.2 Planning Proposal for Small lot aviation/residential subdivision associated with Airport on Lot 63 DP 618063, George Campbell Drive – Post Exhibition Report (PDF 625Kb)
  6.2.3 Submission – Bylong Coal Project EIS (PDF 5Mb)
  6.2.4 Land & Housing Supply Monitor Annual Report 2014/15 and First Quarter 2015/16 (PDF 264Kb)
  6.2.5  Monthly Development Applications Processing & Determined (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.6  Presentation of Financial Statements 2014/15 (PDF 181Kb)
  6.2.7  Quarterly Budget Review September 2015 (PDF 388Kb)
  6.2.8  Financial Assistance Applications (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.9  Monthly statement of investment and bank balances as at 31 October 2015 (PDF 214Kb)
 6.2.10  Changes to 2015/16 Fees and Charges (PDF 6Mb)
 6.2.11  Prescribed Entity Tenders (PDF 206Kb)
 6.2.12  Policy Delegation Updates (PDF 181Kb)
 6.2.13  REGPRO021617 – Supply and Delivery of Bitumen Emulsion (PDF 222Kb)
 6.2.14  Additional Plant (existing supplier) - RFT 2013/03 Wet & Dry Plant Hire Preferred Supplier – Andrew Turner Excavations & MAAS Plant Hire Pty Ltd (PDF 248Kb)
 6.2.15  Additional Supplier - RFT 2013/04 General Contractors Preferred Supplier – Clear Springs Fencing (PDF 247Kb)
 6.2.16  Annual Report 2015 (PDF 251Kb)
 6.2.17  Cobbora Holding Company P/L – Request for Grant of Easements for Water Pipeline (PDF 746Kb)
 6.2.18  Relinquishment of Trusteeship of Reserve R81766 to NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (PDF 434Kb)
 6.2.19  Naming of a New Street in a Subdivision off Bruce Road (PDF 399Kb)
 6.2.20 Naming of an Unnamed Lane between Inglis & Nicholson Streets (PDF 206Kb)
 6.2.21 Naming of an Unnamed Lane off Spring Flat Road (PDF 349Kb)
 6.2.22 Formalisation of Road Widening – Spring Creek Road (PDF 292Kb)
 6.2.23 Caerleon Subdivision – Supply of Water and Sewage Distribution Infrastructure (PDF 294Kb)
 6.2.24 Supply of quarry products for additional supplier – Kandos Operations Pty Ltd (PDF 257Kb)
 6.2.25 Replacement of Fuel Truck (PDF 311Kb)
 6.2.26 Replacement of Waste Landfill Compactor (PDF 311Kb)
 6.2.27 Purchase of Water Cart  (PDF 311Kb)
 6.2.28 Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan  (PDF 198Kb)
 6.2.29 Request for Council Support for Cycle Trails along Rail Corridors  (PDF 935Kb)
 6.2.30 Business Use of Footpath Policy Amendment (PDF 604Kb)
 6.2.31 Companion Animals Management Plan Review (PDF 199Kb)
 6.2.32 Home and Community Care Quarterly Report  (PDF 212Kb)
 6.2.33 Library Services Quarterly Report July – September 2015 (PDF 321Kb) 
 6.2.34 Mudgee Showground Management Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF 327Kb) 
 6.2.35 Mudgee Saleyards Management Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF 247Kb) 
 6.2.36 Gulgong Sports Council - September 2015  (PDF 208Kb)
 6.2.37 Weeds Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF 2Mb) 
 6.2.38 DA0228/2015, Commercial Shops, Shop Top Housing and Strata Subdivision - The Regent Theatre 5-7 Church Street MUDGEE (PDF 622Kb)
 8.1 Reports (Closed)
 8.1.1 Payment of Legal Costs – MWRC ats Peabody Pastoral Holdings P/L