Ordinary meeting 16 September 2015

Council Business Paper (PDF 18Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper (PDF 7Mb)

Attachment 7.2.2 (1-6) DA0228-2015 (PDF 16Mb)

Minutes from Council meeting (PDF 1Mb)

  Item No    Description
  2.0 Annual Elections
  2.1 Delegations to the Mayor (PDF 960Kb)
  2.2 Election of the Mayor (PDF 119Kb)
  2.3 Election of the Deputy Mayor (PDF 119Kb)
  2.4 Council Advisory Committees (PDF 218Kb)
  2.5 Delegates to External Committees and other organisations (PDF 189Kb)
  7.1 Notices of Motion
  7.1.1 Rylstone pedestrian footbridge (PDF 5Mb)
  7.1.2   Investigation of Use of Contractors (PDF 170Kb)
  7.1.3  Financial assistance – Chinese Gold Festival, Gulgong (PDF 535Kb)
  7.2 Reports (Open) 
  7.2.1   DA0054/2016, Commercial Alterations/Additions - Oriental Hotel 6 Lewis Street MUDGEE NSW 2850 (PDF 2Mb)
  7.2.2   DA0228/2015, Commercial Shops, Shop Top Housing and Strata Subdivision - The Regent Theatre 5-7 Church Street MUDGEE (PDF 635Kb)
  7.2.3   DA0355/2015, Proposed plant nursery Lot 1 DP 943375 13 Ulan Road Mudgee NSW 2850 (PDF 3Mb)
  7.2.4   Planning Proposal – Lot 74, 147 & 148 DP 756894, 542 Spring Flat Road, Spring Flat (PDF 557Kb)
  7.2.5   2015-16 Local Heritage Grant Allocation (PDF 229Kb)
  7.2.6   Draft Financial Statements 2014/15 (PDF 246Kb)
  7.2.7  Quarterly Budget Review June 2015 (PDF 220Kb)
  7.2.8  Monthly Budget Review July 2015 (PDF 201Kb)
  7.2.9 Monthly statement of investments and bank balances as at 31 August 2015 (PDF 202Kb)
  7.2.10 Gulgong Chinese Gold Festival – Application for Events Assistance (PDF 2Mb)
  7.2.11 Pyrmont Festival – Application for Events Assistance (PDF 3Mb)
  7.2.12 RFQ 2015/12 – Design and Installation of Bellevue Playground (PDF 192Kb)
  7.2.13  Land Acquisition and Disposal Policy (PDF 387Kb)
  7.2.14 Naming of an unnamed road off Hill End Road (PDF 453Kb)
  7.2.15 Naming of the remaining street in the Rylstone Aerodrome Airpark subdivision off Coxs Creek Road (PDF 606Kb)
  7.2.16 Naming of unnamed lane between Inglis & Nicholson Streets (PDF 2Mb)
  7.2.17  Naming of new streets in the Broadview subdivision (PDF 839Kb)
  7.2.18  Naming of an new street in a subdivision off Bruce Road (PDF 386Kb)
  7.2.19 Naming of an unnamed road off Spring Flat Road (PDF 339Kb)
  7.2.20 Emergency Works Ulan Wollar Bypass Road (PDF 196Kb)
  7.2.21 Maintenance of Marshfield Lane, Mudgee (PDF 909Kb)
  7.2.22 Parks Usage Policy (PDF 187Kb)
  7.2.23 Cemetery Policy (PDF 189Kb)
  7.2.24 Council Meeting Schedule Oct 2015 – June 2016 (PDF 178Kb)
  7.2.25 Red Hill Project (PDF 184Kb)
  7.2.26 Meals on Wheels Policy (PDF 185Kb)
  7.2.27 Appointment of Acting General Manager (PDF 174Kb)
  7.2.28 MRTI Quarterly Report April to June 2015 (PDF 5Mb)
  7.2.29 Gulgong Memorial Hall Committee (PDF 181Kb)
  7.2.30 Mudgee Showground Management Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF 340Kb)
  7.2.31 Mudgee Saleyards Management Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF 274Kb)
  7.2.32 Rylstone & Kandos Access Committee Meeting (PDF 2Mb)
  7.2.33 Mudgee Gulgong Access Committee Meeting (PDF 3Mb)
  9.1 Reports (Closed)
  9.1.1 Council Organisational Structure
  9.1.2 Changes to Senior Staff
  9.1.3 General Manager's Performance Review 2014-2015