Ordinary meeting 16 December 2015

Council business paper (PDF 29Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper (PDF 18Mb)

Separate Attachment 6.3.7 to Council business paper (PDF 1013Kb)

Minutes from Council meeting final  (PDF 983Kb)

  6.1 Rescission Motion
  6.1.1 Planning proposal for small lot aviation/residential subdivision associated with airport on Lot 63 DP 618063, George Campbell Drive - Post Exhibition Report  (PDF 268Kb)
  6.1 Notices of Motion 

Pedestrian bridge over Cudgegong River, Rylstone (PDF 230Kb)

  6.2.2 Reseal of Angus Avenue, Kandos  (PDF 100Kb)
  6.2.3 Bitumen Sealing Program (PDF 166Kb)
  6.2.4 Nuclear Waste Dump at Sally’s Flat (PDF 225Kb) 
  6.2.5 Major Events at Glen Willow (PDF 166Kb)
  6.2.6 Breaches of Council’s Media Policy (PDF 6Mb)
  6.3  Reports (Open)
  6.3.1  DA0043/2016, Use of existing cellar door as a function centre at162 Eurunderee Lane, Eurunderee (PDF 340Kb)
  6.3.2  DA0072/2016, Dwelling House at 52 Lue Road Milroy (PDF 3Mb)

Planning Proposal – Amend Split Zoning – Lot 60 DP 1181768, Robert Hoddle Grove, Bombira (PDF 568Kb)

  6.3.4 Planning Proposal – Re-zoning Primary Production Small Lots RU4 to Large Lot Residential R5 Minimum Lot Size 2ha (PDF 401Kb)
  6.3.5  Planning Proposal - Lot 1 DP 841458, Wyoming Road, Stubbo  (PDF 277Kb)
  6.3.6 Heritage Committee (PDF 258Kb)
  6.3.7  Long Term Financial Plan 2016-2025 (PDF 259Kb)
  6.3.8 Monthly Budget Review October 2015 (PDF 4Mb)
  6.3.9  Monthly statement of investment and bank balances as at 30 November 2015  (PDF 137Kb)
 6.3.10  Financial Assistance Applications (PDF 407Kb)
 6.3.11  Tender for waste tyre collection and recycling (PDF 207Kb)
 6.3.12  Additional Supplier - RFT 2013/04 General Contractors Preferred Supplier – Skillset Workforce (PDF 242Kb)
 6.3.13  T261516HUN – Supply & Delivery of Bulk Water Treatment Chemicals (PDF 198Kb) 
 6.3.14  Objection to Application for Closure and Sale of Part Loy Avenue Road Reserve (PDF 473Kb)
 6.3.15 Name to be included in Council’s pre-approved names list  (PDF 338Kb)
 6.3.16 Policy Review Water Usage Charges – Undetected Leaks (PDF 366Kb)
 6.3.17 Naming of new streets in the Bonnyview subdivision off Ulan Road  (PDF 201Kb)
 6.3.18 Naming of new streets in the Broadview Estate subdivision off Broadhead Road  (PDF 978Kb)
 6.3.19 Naming of the old section of George Campbell Drive off Ulan Road  (PDF 1Mb)
 6.3.20 Naming of a new street in the Caerleon Estate subdivision off Hill End Road  (PDF 855Kb)
 6.3.21 Draft Sewerage Systems Asset Management Plan - Public Exhibition  (PDF 208Kb)
 6.3.22 RFT 2015/17 – Kandos Pool Renovations  (PDF 192Kb) 
 6.3.23 Partial Refund of Showground Fees (PDF 190Kb)
 6.3.24 Negotiation with Mudgee Golf Club regarding road realignment and Fairways Estate acoustic barrier/buggy corridor maintenance  (PDF 959Kb)
 6.3.25 Business Use of Footpaths Policy  (PDF 5Mb)
 6.3.26 MRTI Quarterly Report July to September 2015  (PDF 3Mb)
 6.3.27 Mudgee Sports Council Meeting – 26 October 2015 (PDF 262Kb)
 6.3.28 Weeds Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes  (PDF 4Mb)
 8.1 Reports (Closed)
 8.1.1 Consideration to Write-off Legal Costs and Interest Charges Due to Hardship – Property No 13866
 8.1.2 Sale of Land To Recover Overdue Rates And Charges – Chapter 17, Part 2, Division 5, Section 713 of the Local Government Act 1993