Ordinary meeting 20 May 2015

Council business paper (9mb) (PDF 9Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper PART 1 (Att 6.2.3, 6.2.4) (9mb) (PDF 10Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper PART 2 (Att 6.2.9, 6.2.11, 6.2.18, 6.2.19) (4mb) (PDF 4Mb)

Minutes from Council meeting (PDF 390Kb)

  Item No    Description
  6.1 Notices of Motion
  6.1.1 Sealing of maintained unsealed lanes in Gulgong CBD (166kb) (PDF 167Kb)
  6.2 Reports (Open) 
  6.2.1 DA0268/2015, tourist and visitor accommodation @ Hill Of Gold Vineyard 939 Henry Lawson Drive EURUNDEREE NSW 2850 (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.2 MA0048/2015 (DA0341/2014) – Proposed Use of Four Accommodation Cabins for Tourist and Visitor Accommodation – Lot 2 DP871401, 939 Henry Lawson Drive, Eurunderee (842kb) (PDF 842Kb)
  6.2.3 Rural Residential Development (2ha Lots) in Mudgee & Planning Proposals “Menah” and Broadhead Road, Mudgee (737kb) (PDF 738Kb)
  6.2.4 Planning Proposal – ‘Burrundulla’, Lots 3 & 4 DP1069441 Spring Flat Road, Mudgee (537kb) (PDF 537Kb)
  6.2.5 Green Army Project (213kb) (PDF 214Kb)
  6.2.6 Modification applications for Stages 1 and 2 of the Moolarben Coal Project (05_0117 MOD 11 and 08_0135 MOD 1) (680kb) (PDF 681Kb)
  6.2.7 Update on the 2014 – 15 Local Heritage Grants (210kb) (PDF 210Kb)
  6.2.8 Monthly Development Applications Processing & Determined (548kb) (PDF 548Kb)
  6.2.9 Quarterly Budget Review March 2015 (238kb) (PDF 238Kb)
  6.2.10 Monthly statement of investments and bank balances as at 30 April 2015 (266kb) (PDF 267Kb)
  6.2.11 Draft Fit for the Future Proposal (200kb) (PDF 200Kb)
  6.2.12 Events Assistance for July to December 2015 Events (296kb) (PDF 297Kb)
  6.2.13 Financial Assistance Applications (1mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.14 Classification of Land – Lot 11 DP 1207180 Drainage Reserve 8A Baskerville Drive Mudgee (308kb) (PDF 309Kb)
  6.2.15 Council LGA boundary adjustment between Mid-Western Regional Council and Upper Hunter Shire Council (399kb) (PDF 399Kb)
  6.2.16 Relinquishment of Trusteeship for Reserve 97578 – Mudgee Miniature Railway (405kb) (PDF 405Kb)
  6.2.17 Additional Supplier - RFT 2013/04 General Contractors Preferred Supplier – Skilled and Eather Recruitment & Labour Hire - Council 2015 (202kb) (PDF 202Kb)
  6.2.18 Draft Plant and Equipement Asset Management Plan (210kb) (PDF 210Kb)
  6.2.19 Draft Solid Waste Asset Management Plan (209kb) (PDF 209Kb)
  6.2.20 Request to Retain Green Gully Bridge (378kb) (PDF 378Kb)
  6.2.21 Rylstone Pedestrian Bridge – Design & Construction Tender (236kb) (PDF 237Kb)
  6.2.22 Sewer Mains Rehabilitation Programme 2013-2016- Variation to Contract (210kb) (PDF 211Kb)
  6.2.23 Potential Gallery Site (255kb) (PDF 256Kb)
  6.2.24 Public Art Advisory Panel (270kb) (PDF 270Kb)
  6.2.25 Public Art Plan (1mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.26 Gulgong Banner Designs (630kb) (PDF 631Kb)
  6.2.27 Home and Community Care – Quarterly Report (380kb) (PDF 381Kb)
  6.2.28 Library Services – Quarterly Report (207kb) (PDF 208Kb)
  6.2.29 Gulgong Memorial Hall Committee (227kb) (PDF 227Kb)
  6.2.30 Gulgong Sports Council - Minutes (456kb) (PDF 457Kb)
  6.2.31 Mudgee & Gulgong Access Committee Minutes (211kb) (PDF 212Kb)
  6.2.32 Mudgee Sports Council Minutes (216kb) (PDF 217Kb)
  6.2.33 Mudgee Showground Management Committee (263kb) (PDF 263Kb)
  6.2.34 Mudgee Saleyards Management Committee (276kb) (PDF 276Kb)
  6.2.35 Rylstone & Kandos Acess Committee Meeting (213kb) (PDF 214Kb)
  6.2.36 (Late report) Tender for Design and Construct of the Red Hill Precinct (326kb) (PDF 326Kb)