Ordinary meeting 17 June 2015

Council business paper PART 1 (4mb) (PDF 4Mb)

Council business paper PART 2 (7mb) (PDF 8Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper PART 1 (5mb) (PDF 5Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper PART 2 (8mb) (PDF 8Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper PART 3 (8mb (PDF 8Mb))

Attachments to Council business paper Item 6.2.16 - Delivery Program 2013-2017 and Operational Plan 2016 (5mb) (PDF 6Mb)

Attachment 3 to Council business paper Item 6.2.10 - Integrated Mining Policy (535kb) (PDF 536Kb)

Minutes from Council meeting (PDF 530Kb)

  Item No    Description
  6.1 Rescission Motion
  6.1.1 Planning Proposal 154 Market Street Mudgee (Lot 41 DP 703056 & Lot 1 DP564729) (136kb) (PDF 137Kb)
  6.2 Reports
  6.2.1 DA0304/2015, Shed at Mudgee Racecourse Lot 7300 DP 1163793 106 Ulan Road BOMBIRA (734kb) (PDF 734Kb)
  6.2.2 Supplementary Report – Planning Proposal ‘Burrundulla’, Lots 3 & 4 DP1069441 Spring Flat Road, Mudgee (261kb) (PDF 261Kb)
  6.2.3 Planning Proposal Broadhead Road – Reduction of Minimum Lot Size (300kb) (PDF 300Kb)
  6.2.4 Servicing 238 Broadhead Road Mudgee (Broadview Estate) (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.5 Central West Regional Growth Plan Update (201kb) (PDF 201Kb)
  6.2.6 Tender for Construction of the Horatio St Detention Basin, Mudgee (192kb) (PDF 193Kb)
  6.2.7 Update on the Number of Matters Dealt with under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (191kb) (PDF 192Kb)
  6.2.8 Draft Building Asset Management Plan (188kb) (PDF 189Kb)
  6.2.9 Food Inspection Update (185kb) (PDF 186Kb)
  6.2.10 Department of Planning and Environment – Integrated Mining Policy (350kb) (PDF 350Kb)
  6.2.11 Land & Housing Supply Monitor Quarterly Report (207kb) (PDF 208Kb)
  6.2.12 Monthly statement of investments and bank balances as at 31 May 2015 (204kb) (PDF 205Kb)
  6.2.13 Monthly Budget Review April 2015 (180kb) (PDF 181Kb)
  6.2.14 Financial Assistance applications (2mb)  (PDF 3Mb)
  6.2.15 Borrowings Policy Review (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.16 Delivery Program 2013-2016 and Operational Plan 2016 (PDF 357Kb)
  6.2.17 Draft Airport Master Plan (199kb) (PDF 199Kb)
  6.2.18 Temporary Suspension of Alcohol Free Zone Market Street Mudgee (187kb) (PDF 187Kb)
  6.2.19 Additional Supplier - RFT 2013/04 General Contractors Preferred Supplier – Laser Electrical Services (239kb) (PDF 240Kb)
  6.2.20 Naming of the new streets in the Rylstone Aerodrome Airpark subdivision off Coxs Creek Road (376kb) (PDF 377Kb)
  6.2.21 Realignment of Part of Henry Lawson Drive Home Rule (434kb) (PDF 435Kb)
  6.2.22 Policy Reviews – Pensioner Concessions and Road Naming (465kb) (PDF 465Kb)
  6.2.23 Summary of Outcome - Sale Of Land To Recover Overdue Rates And Charges (333kb) (PDF 333Kb)
  6.2.24 Constitutional Referendums (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.25 Councillor Induction and Professional Development Plan (3mb)  (PDF 4Mb)
  6.2.26 LGNSW Annual Conference 2015 (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.27 Statement of Business Ethics (4mb)  (PDF 4Mb)
  6.2.28 Local Preference Policy Review (728kb) (PDF 729Kb) 
  6.2.29 Annual Reporting of Contractual Conditions of Senior Staff (108kb) (PDF 109Kb)
  6.2.30 Employee Opinion Survey Results 2015 (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.31 MRTI Quarterly Report March 2015 (4mb) (PDF 5Mb)
  6.2.32 Gulgong Memorial Hall Committee (206kb) (PDF 207Kb)  
  6.2.33 Cultural Development Committee Meeting Minutes (187kb)  (PDF 187Kb)
  6.2.34 Mudgee and Gulgong Access Committee Minutes (245kb)  (PDF 246Kb)
  6.2.35 Local Traffic Committee Minutes of Meetings held 10 April and 8 May 2015 (2mb)  (PDF 3Mb)
  8.1 Reports (closed)
  8.1.1 General Manager’s Performance Agreement 2015 - 2016