Ordinary meeting 15 July 2015

Council business paper PART 1 (5mb) (PDF 6Mb)

Council business paper PART 2 (8mb) (PDF 9Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper PART 1 (9mb) (PDF 10Mb)

Attachments to Council business paper PART 2 (4mb) (PDF 5Mb)

Minutes from Council meeting (PDF 578Kb)

  Item No    Description
  6.1 Notices of Motion
  6.1.1 TV reception in Gulgong (166kb) (PDF 167Kb)
  6.2 Reports (Open) 
  6.2.1 DA0323/2015 Proposed illuminated, flashing sign at the Mudgee Golf Club 21 Robertson Street, Mudgee Lot 182 DP 1125697 (1mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.2 MA0054/2015 Hours and signage modification to DA0188/2014 Animal Establishment Lot 6 DP 880241 859 Castlereagh Highway (1mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.3 Planning Proposal- Lot 1 DP 841458, Wyoming Road, Stubbo (407kb) (PDF 407Kb)
  6.2.4 Caerleon Voluntary Planning Agreement – Request for deferment of Contribution for Water and Sewer (381kb) (PDF 381Kb)
  6.2.5 Moolarben Coal Complex UG1 Optimisation Modification application for Project Approvals 05_0117 (Stage 1) and 08_0135 (Stage 2) (3mb)  (PDF 3Mb)
  6.2.6 Monthly statement of investments and bank balances as at 30 June 2015 (199kb)  (PDF 199Kb)
  6.2.7 Financial Assistance Applications (315kb) (PDF 316Kb)
  6.2.8 Additional Supplier - RFT 2013/03 Wet & Dry Plant Hire Preferred Supplier – THE Mining Pty Ltd (239kb)  (PDF 240Kb)
  6.2.9 Disposal of Assets Policy Review (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.10 Write Off of Debts 4/11/2014 to 12/06/2015 (299kb) (PDF 299Kb)
  6.2.11 Dedication of Land as Road – Saleyards Lane (314kb) (PDF 315Kb)
  6.2.12 Media Policy Review (1mb)  (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.13 Draft Open Space and Recreational Asset Management Plan (180kb) (PDF 181Kb)
  6.2.14 Roads Policies Review (4mb) (PDF 4Mb) 
  6.2.15 Business Use of the Footpath Policy (6mb) (PDF 6Mb)
  6.2.16 Removal of Tree on Robertson Street (1mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.17 Parking Patrol Agreements (180kb) (PDF 180Kb)
  6.2.18 Fixing of Annual Fees for Councillors and the Mayor (6mb) (PDF 6Mb)
  6.2.19 2015 Christmas Close Down (235kb) (PDF 235Kb)
  6.2.20 Library Services - Quarterly Report April-June 2015 (187kb) (PDF 188Kb)
  6.2.21 Code of Meeting Practice (288kb) (PDF 289Kb)
  6.2.22 Family Day Care Policy (180kb) (PDF 181Kb)
  6.2.23 Local Traffic Committee Minutes of Meetings held 12 June 2015 (2mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.24 Mudgee Gulgong Access Committee Meeting (596kb) (PDF 596Kb)
  6.2.25 Gulgong Sports Council Meeting - May (459kb) (PDF 459Kb)
  6.2.26 Mudgee Sports Council Meeting - May (244kb) (PDF 245Kb)
  6.2.27 Mudgee Showground Management Committee (320kb) (PDF 321Kb)
  6.2.28 Mudgee Saleyards Management Committee (243kb) (PDF 243Kb)
  6.2.29 Rylstone & Kandos Access Committee Meeting (252kb) (PDF 252Kb)
  6.2.30 (Late Report) Early Childhood Centre - Saleyards Lane, Mudgee (177kb) (PDF 178Kb)
  8.1 Reports (Closed)
  8.1.1 Future Development of Mortimer Street Site 
  8.1.2 Voluntary Planning Agreement Bylong Coal Project
  8.1.3 Payment of Legal Costs – MWRC ats Peabody Pastoral Holdings P/L
  8.1.4 Bed & Breakfast and Wedding Reception Facility Lot 142 DP 755418, 111 Mount Pleasant Lane Buckeroo