Ordinary meeting 21 May 2014

Complete Council Business Paper PART 1 (9mb) (PDF 9Mb)

Complete Council Business Paper PART 2 (8mb) (PDF 9Mb)

Attachments to Council Business Paper (7mb) (PDF 7Mb)

Minutes of Council Ordinary meeting (474kb) (PDF 474Kb)

Minutes of Council Extraordinary meeting (39kb) (PDF 40Kb)

  Item No    Description

  Notices of Motion 

  6.1.1 Introduce Credit Card policy (1mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.1.2 Lawson Park West as Art Gallery Site (224kb) (PDF 224Kb)
  6.1.3 Old Gulgong Hospital as Art Gallery site (225kb) (PDF 225Kb)
  6.2   Reports (Open)
  6.2.1 Development Application 0214/2014 Proposed Seven (7) Lot Torrens Title Industrial Subdivision and the Erection of Industrial Buildings at Lot 210 DP775001, 36B Sydney Road, Mudgee (2mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.2 DA0249/2014 – Proposed 45 Lot Residential Subdivision, Lot 2 DP 538790, 17-29 Fairydale Lane, Mudgee (800kb) (PDF 801Kb)
  6.2.3 DA0326/2014 – Proposed Staged Development - Dwelling – Lot 313 DP 1183266, 52 Lue Road Milroy (891kb) (PDF 891Kb)
  6.2.4 MA0080/2014 – Internal alterations to the Kandos Bi-Centennial Industrial Museum – Lots 10 & 11 Sec. 1 DP 8161, 20-24 Buchanan Street Kandos (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.5 Planning Proposals: Yamble Close, Lot 113 DP755433 Snelson’s Lane Gulgong and Lot Size for Multi-unit housing (451kb) (PDF 452Kb)
  6.2.6 Monthly Development Applications Processing & Determined (934kb) (PDF 935Kb)
  6.2.7 Urban Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse, Mudgee (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.8 Re-Establishment of Alcohol Free Zones (580kb) (PDF 581Kb)
  6.2.9 Monthly statement of bank balances and investments as at 30 April 2014 (316kb) (PDF 316Kb)
  6.2.10 Financial Assistance Applications (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.11 Classification of Land – Lot 1 DP 1187003, Library Laneway 62A Market Street Mudgee (335kb) (PDF 336Kb)
  6.2.12 Purchase of Land for Hangar Development at Mudgee Airport (1mb) (PDF 1Mb)
  6.2.13 Rates 2014/15 (1mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.14 MAC Group Appeal (251kb) (PDF 252Kb)
  6.2.15 Economic Development and Events Update Q1 2014 (877kb) (PDF 878Kb)
  6.2.16 Early Childhood Education and Care Services Facility (329kb) (PDF 330Kb)
  6.2.17 Seal Extension Nullo Mountain Road and Lochiel Lane (935kb) (PDF 935Kb)
  6.2.18 Australian Disability Enterprise Accreditation (268kb) (PDF 269Kb)
  6.2.19 Mudgee Showground Management Committee (344kb) (PDF 345Kb)
  6.2.20 Fixing of Annual Fees for Councillors and the Mayor (2mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.21 July Council meeting (223kb) (PDF 224Kb)
  6.2.22 MRTI Quarterly Report March 2014 (1mb) (PDF 2Mb)
  6.2.23 Local Traffic Committee Minutes of Meeting held 8 April 2014 (383kb) (PDF 384Kb)
  6.2.24 Cultural Development Committee Minutes (921kb) (PDF 921Kb)
  6.2.25 Mudgee Sports Council (280kb) (PDF 280Kb)
  6.2.26 Work Health and Safety Policy (408kb) (PDF 408Kb)
  6.2.27 March Quarterly Budget Review (458kb) (PDF 458Kb)