Ordinary meeting 18 June 2014

Council Business Paper PART 1 (8mb) (PDF 8Mb)

Council Business Paper PART 2 (mb) (PDF 4Mb)

Attachments to Council Business Paper (4mb) (PDF 4Mb)

Minutes of Council meeting (151kb) (PDF 152Kb)

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Recording of Council meeting (155kb) (PDF 155Kb)


Confirmation of Minutes 21 May 2014 (151kb) (PDF 151Kb)


  Reports (Open) 


DA 0216/2014 – Change of Use from Residence to Child Care Centre & Extension of Existing Child Care Centre – Lot 4 DP 221682, 128 Mortimer Street, Mudgee (1mb) (PDF 1018Kb)


DA0284/2014 Proposed Change of Use Antique shop & Cafe to Funeral Home - Lot 2 DP 837945, 131 Mortimer Street Mudgee (4mb) (PDF 5Mb)


DA0341/2014 – Proposed Use of Five Accommodation Cabins for Tourist and Visitor Accommodation – Lot 2 DP871401, 939 Henry Lawson Drive, Eurunderee (904kb) (PDF 904Kb)


MA0089/2014 – Modification of Building Envelope – Dwelling – Onsite Sewerage management
  facility - Lot 22 DP 1163342, 839 Hill End Road Erudgere (435kb) (PDF 435Kb)


Planning Proposal – Lot 110 DP 1029542, 277 Black Springs Road Eurunderee (856kb) (PDF 856Kb)


Monthly Development Applications Processing & Determined (538kb) (PDF 538Kb)


2014-15 Operational Plan (157kb) (PDF 158Kb)


Monthly statement of bank balances and investments as at 31 May 2014 (218kb) (PDF 219Kb)


Financial Assistance applications (160kb) (PDF 160Kb)


Supply and delivery of stationery and ancillary items – T011415HUN (199kb) (PDF 199Kb)


Classification of Land – Lot 1 DP 1192154 45 Dunn Street Kandos (225kb) (PDF 226Kb)


Naming of new streets in The Ridge Estate subdivision (243kb) (PDF 243Kb)


Naming of the unnamed Lane next to Health One in Gulgong (317kb) (PDF 318Kb)


Ulan Road Upgrade – Investigation & Design Tender (241kb) (PDF 232Kb)


Assessment of Quotation for Graders (245kb) (PDF 245Kb)


Assessment of Quotation for Rollers (244kb) (PDF 245Kb)


Assessment of Quotation for Truck and Dog Combination (247kb) (PDF 247Kb)


Assessment of Quotation for Water Cart (247kb) (PDF 247Kb)


Waste levy (193kb) (PDF 194Kb)


Events Assistance for Gulgong Gold Cup (904kb) (PDF 904Kb)


Kandos Bicentennial Industrial Museum – Legal Advice (178kb) (PDF 178Kb)


Noxious Weeds Advisory Committee (698kb) (PDF 698Kb)


Mudgee Saleyards Management Committee (203kb) (PDF 203Kb)


Code of Meeting Practice amendment - Recording of Council meetings (150kb) (PDF 151Kb)


Business Use of the Footpath (2mb) (PDF 2Mb)