Ordinary meeting 15 October 2014

Council Business Paper PART 1 (7mb) (PDF 8Mb)

Council Business Paper PART 2 (7mb) (PDF 7Mb)

Council Business Paper PART 3 (4mb) (PDF 4Mb)

Attachments to Council Business Paper (4mb) (PDF 5Mb)

Minutes from Council meeting (kb) (PDF 348Kb)

  Item No    Description
  6.2 Reports (Open)
  6.2.1 DA 0005/2014 – Proposed Motel Accommodation and Demolition of Existing Building – Lot 2 DP 529842, 142 Church Street Mudgee (4mb) (PDF 4Mb)
  6.2.2 MA0014/2015 – Reduction in the height of fencing - 31-33 Banjo Paterson Avenue, Mudgee (3mb) (PDF 3Mb)
  6.2.3 Liverpool Range Wind Farm (6mb) (PDF 7Mb)
  6.2.4 Monthly statement of investments and bank balances as at 30 September 2014 (284kb) (PDF 284Kb)
  6.2.5 Naming of new streets in the Caerleon Estate subdivision (305kb) (PDF 305Kb)
  6.2.6 Mudgee Traffic Study (202kb) (PDF 203Kb)
  6.2.7 Mudgee Airport Lighting (533kb) (PDF 534Kb)
  6.2.8 Ulan Road Upgrade – Investigation and Design Contract – Variations to the Contract (234kb) (PDF 235Kb)
  6.2.9 RFT 2014/13 Preferred Suppliers List for Bitumen Spray Sealing 2014-15 Program (203kb) (PDF 203Kb)
  6.2.10 Water Supply and Sewerage Development Servicing Plans (212kb) (PDF 213Kb)
  6.2.11 Report on the Workers Compensation Premium (199kb) (PDF 199Kb) 
  6.2.12 Kandos Centenary Working Party Minutes (196kb) (PDF 197Kb)
  6.2.13 Review of Policy on Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Councillors (4mb) (PDF 4Mb)
  6.2.14 Gulgong Sports Council (256kb) (PDF 256Kb)