Rural Strategy

Note: The Rural Strategy was prepared for the Mudgee Shire Council and therefore does not address the entire Mid-Western Region.

This document has been superceded by the Comprehensive Land Use Strategy but has been included on the site for reference purposes.

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Mudgee Shire was located on the Central Tablelands of NSW and is generally defined by the Goulburn River National Park in the north, Cudgegong River in the west, Windamere Dam in the south and the township of Lue to the east. The Shire includes an area of approximately 5,500 square km. The study area is all of the rural land within the Shire and includes the villages but not the urban areas of Mudgee and Gulgong. Map 1.1 shows the study area. Mudgee is a growing inland area of NSW known for its vineyards, coal minin, cattle and sheep grazing, honey production and horse studs. The town is a destination for people seeking "lifestyle"where they can enjoy the rural character and explore the numerous National Parks and heritgae landscapes located throughout the Shire. As part of the Rural Lands Study a landscape character analysis has been prepared to ensure that current planning instruments recognise significant visual components of the landscape as a resource and ensure their protection. Mudgee Shire Council is preparing a Rural Strategy, which is to provide Council with direction in terms of development within the rural areas of the Shire having regard to the following matter:

  • the historic fragmentation of rural land
  • agricultural development
  • natural resource management
  • future trends in rural land use and management

This document is the first of two documents that have been prepared for the rural lands of Mudgee Shire. It provides a description of the physical, social and economic environment of the Shire as well as the planning context. The development pattern of the Shire is described as well as the issues facing the future of the rural lands have been discussed. Finally, analysis of these issues has been carried out to provide a set of options. This report however, does not make any reccommendations for further action. They are included in teh accompanying Mudgee Draft Rural Strategy.

The term rural residential use is referred to in this document and means the use of the land where residential liv ing is the main use and the owner does not earn their main source of income from agricultural production on the land. Rural residential use has a variety of lot sizes ranging from 1ha to 10ha and higher. Mudgee Shire Council have a zone called rural residential which refers to a specific lot size of 4000m2 to 2ha and is located around the towns of Mudgee and Gulgong. This distinction should be taken into consideration when reading this document because of the potential confusion between the commonly used term for residential use of rural land generally and the specific use of the term in Mudgee Shire.