Retail Study

The purpose of the Study was "to undertake a comprehensice review of retail and commercial requirements for the Mid-Western Regional Council". The study was required to "review and build on the outcomes of the Mudgee Retail Study undertaken for Council in April 2000". The supporting objectives of the Study encompassed the following:

  • "to review the Mudgee Retail Study and Council's strategy in the light of recent retail developments and approvals;
  • to take account of current and projected population and residential development trends, and to review forecasts of households and population for the Mid-Western Regional Council area (for the period 2001-2031 with forecasts for intervening Census years to be provided);
  • to undertake comparative assessments of the houshold income distribution in the Shire (1996, 2011) and in particular to undertake a detailed analysis of real changes in the distributional pattern;
  • to assess changes in shopping behaviour at Gulgong on the bassis of a new in-center visitor survey to be undertaked at the Gulgong activity centre;
  • to undertake detialed land use, floorspace and tenancy surveys in Gulgong, Rylstone and Kandos to complement updated inventories which are required to be prepared for teh Mudgee Town centre;
  • to undertake stakeholder/community workshops for the Mudgee Town centre, Gulgong, Rylstone and Kandos to assess and confirm local needs, values and priorities for teh future planning and management of the respective activity centres;
  • on the basis the above factors, to review the recommended provisions of retail floorspace to meet the future needs of the Shire over the period 2004-2031 (with projections fir three broad periods to be provided being 2003/04-2010/11, 2011/12-2020/21 and 2021/22-2030/31);
  • to prepare recommendations to Council for strategic and policy development to support a proactive retail and commercial development framework focused to ensure competitive and high quality retail facilities and services to meet current and future needs of the Shire". (Refer Study Brief and Work Program June 2004).

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1.1 Introduction...3

1.2 Study Objectives ...............3


2.1 Surveys....4

2.2 Consultations....5

2.3 Analyses.......5

2.4 Policy development and Recommendations.........6


3.1 Definition Issues......7

3.2 Population and Household Prjections....7

3.3 Retail Provision Requirements for the Mudgee and Rylstone SLAs......11


4.1 Recommended Policy Framework....24

Table Set A: Mid-Western Regional Shire: Forecast Retail Floorspace Requirements (2004-2031)

Table Set B: Mid-Western Regional Shire: Residential Development, Household & Population Statistics & Forecasts (1991-2031)

Table C: Mudgee's Statistical Local Area, NSW, Estimated Retail and Commercial Floorspace (June 2005)

Table Set P: Mudgee's CBD Car Parking Survey (16 June 2005)


Appendix A. Workshop Proceedings

Appendix B. Mudgee Town Centre Visitor Survey: September 2004

Appendix C. Rylstone Town Centre Visitor Survey: September 2004

Appendix D. Gulgong Town Centre Visitor Survey: September 2004

Appendix E. Kandos Town Centre Visitor Survey: September 2004