Roads Asset Management Plan

Council prepares an updated Roads Asset Management Plan each year to assist in the management of the road network and advise every one of the works proposed both on an annual basis together with extended programs.

The prime objective of Council in the management of the road network is to provide and plan for infrastructure that allows safe, convenient and comfortable vehicular traffic movements to, from, and within the region. The achievement of this objective is constrained by the available funding received through general rate revenue and supplemented by Federal and State Government grants.
This plan seeks to responsibly allocate these limited funds across a number of programs in an equitable and responsible manner to ensure protection of the asset base already constructed and maintain the network to defined standards. The plan recognises the importance of continuing the limited seal extension program; however it confirms the importance of performing maintenance activities on the existing sealed network with timely resealing.

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Roads Asset Management Plan (PDF 3Mb)