Long Term Financial Plan


In order to become Fit for the Future, Council needs to continue in a financially sustainable
manner. Financial sustainability requires careful planning and consideration. We have created a
ten year financial forecast to help us determine the future impact of delivering operational services
and capital works projects to the community.

In planning for the 2017/18 financial year and beyond, we have made the best possible
assumptions about factors outside of Council’s control, such as inflation, wage increases, rate
pegging and grant funding. Our budgets are based on what we believe to be the most likely

The Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) is designed to be a guide for Council and the community for
future action. It will help us to identify financial issues at an earlier stage, and gauge the long term
impact of those issues.

A number of the strategies of Council require inputs from other agencies such as State and
Federal Governments, community organisations and commercial enterprises. The financial plans
set out below are to identify Council’s financial contributions to those aspirations and service

Click here (PDF 25Mb) to download a complete version of the Long Term Financial Plan