Development Control Plan 2013

Purpose of the Plan

This Plan contains detailed requirements to guide development in the Mid-Western Regional Council local government area. It complements and must be considered with the provisions of the Mid-Western Regional Council Local Environmental Plan 2012. The plan applies to all land in the Mid-Western Regional Council Area, was adopted by Council on 6 February 2013, and commenced operation on 11 February 2013. Amendment 4 to the Development Control Plan was adopted on the 19 June 2019 and commenced operation on 21 June 2019.

Aim of the Plan

The aims of this Plan are to:

  • Define development standards that deliver the outcomes desired by the community and Council;
  • Provide clear and concise development guidelines for various forms of development;
  • Encourage innovation in design and development by not over-specifying development controls;
  • Expedite development approvals by providing clear direction of Council’s intent and criteria; and
  • Provide certainty of development outcomes for developers and the community.

Development Control Plan 2013 - Amendment No.4 (PDF 2Mb)

Appendix B1 Stormwater Drainage Design 321(Kb) (PDF 321Kb)

Appendix B2 Stormwater to Smartwater 1 (Mb)  (PDF 2Mb)

Appendix C Caerleon DCP 4 (Mb) (PDF 4Mb)

Appendix D Implementing a Subdivision Consent 205 (Kb)  (PDF 206Kb)