Delivery Program and Operational Plan


The Delivery Program details all of the principle activities Council will undertake over the next four years to achieve the goals established in the Community Plan. The Operational Plan and sets out the annual projects and activities budgets.

Click here (PDF 49Mb) to download a complete copy of the Delivery Program and Operational Plan 

Rate Category Map (PDF 11Mb)


Make a submission to the Operational Plan 2019/20

Do you have something you'd like improved in your community? Is there something lacking? Would you like Council to build new infrastructure, fund a new project or activity? Now is your chance to provide a submission to be considered as part of its annual budgeting process. This submission is known as a Community Plan Proposal.

These proposals are considered and may be incorporated into Council's Operational Plan (PDF 49Mb) 2019/20.

The Operational Plan sets out the projects and activities which Council is committed to over the coming financial year, with measures, time frames, and responsibilities identified.

The plan includes Council’s Revenue Policy (Rating Model), 2019/20 proposed Fees and Charges, Capital Works program, Annual Budget and Delivery Program.

Click here to make a submission and have your say.