Statement of Business Ethics

This Statement of Business Ethics applies to Council’s elected representatives, Council staff, contractors and business associates dealing with Council. 

Mid-Western Regional Council is committed to conducting its business in a sound commercial and ethical manner and this Statement of Business Ethics sets out the standards the Council requires of its elected representatives, Council staff, contractors and business associates.  Both Mid-Western Regional Council staff and private sector employees must always be aware of the ethical standards the community demands when Council money is used either directly or indirectly.

Mid-Western Regional Council will demonstrate and practice a professional and ethical approach to all its business activities and all Council staff are required to conduct their activities in accordance with Council’s Code of Conduct and observe a high standard of probity, ethical behaviour and integrity in their business dealings.

All individuals and organisations that deal with Mid-Western Regional Council are agents of the Council and, as such, are required to comply with these standards of ethical behaviour in their dealings with Council.

Brad Cam
General Manager

Click here to download a complete copy of the Statement of Business Ethics (244kb)