Code of Meeting Practice

Mid-Western Regional Council's Code of Meeting Practice contains the following:

Part 1    Introduction
Part 2    Meeting Principles
Part 3    Before the Meeting
Part 4    Public Forums
Part 5    Coming Together
Part 6    The Chairperson
Part 7    Order Of Business for Ordinary Council Meetings
Part 8    Consideration of Business at Council Meetings
Part 9    Rules of Debate
Part 10  Voting
Part 11  Committee of the Whole
Part 12  Dealing with Items by Exception
Part 13  Closure of Council Meetings to the Public
Part 14  Keeping Order at Meetings
Part 15  Conflicts of Interest
Part 16  Decisions of the Council
Part 17  Time Limits on Council Meetings
Part 18  After the Meeting
Part 19  Council Committees
Part 20  Irregularites
Part 21  Definitions

Click here to download a complete copy of the Code of Meeting Practice (PDF 685Kb)