Rates Information

Dates for Payment of Rates

The Local Government Act makes provision for payment of rates by quarterly amounts. These amounts are payable by -

  • 31 August
  • 30 November
  • 28 February
  • 31 May

If you elect to pay by quarterly amounts, individual notices will be issued at least one month prior to these dates (Section 562 Local Government Act, 1993). Should you wish to pay in full, payment must be received by the date of the first instalment.

Please note: The due date for payment, does not apply to Rates and Charges in arrears, nor does the 1st instalment due date. If there are arrears of rates and/or charges shown, although they are included in the 1st instalment amount, they are overdue and should be paid immediately. Rates and Charges may be paid outside instalment dates, subject to terms and conditions as set by Council. Each unpaid instalment amount becomes a recoverable amount after its due date. If no arrangement is made to pay the amount due, debt recovery action will commence.


Payment Difficulties

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rates, please contact Council immediately to discuss payment options and/or enter into an arrangement with Council to make periodic payments in accordance with Council's Debt Recovery Policy. Please note interest charges will however still apply. These enquiries are treated confidentially and will help prevent costly legal action for recovery of rates from commencing.


Allocation of Monies

Money paid to Council in respect of rates or charges levied on land is to be applied towards payment of those rates or charges, including interest and legal costs, in the order in which the rates or charges became due. (Section 568 Local Government Act, 1993.)

Interest Charges

Interest charges will accrue on a daily basis on quarterly rate accounts which are not paid by the due dates (Section 566 Local Government Act, 1993). Under certain circumstances, Council may consider writing off interest charges. Applications for consideration must be made in writing (Section 567 Local Government Act, 1993).

The interest percentage will be shown on the front of your Rates & Charges Notice.

Section 603 Certificates

Section 603 Certificates provide confirmation of property and ownership details including all outstanding rates and charges. The timeframe for the issue of the Certifcate is seven days from the date of receipt of the application.


Change of Address

If your current postal address is different from the address shown on the front of the Rates & Charges Notice or Water Consumption Notice, please notify Council immediately by post or telephone. You may also download and complete the form below. 

Click here for Change of Contact Details Form

Name Change on the Rates & Charges Notice

If you have changed your name as it appears on your Rates & Charges Notice (example, by way of marriage or Deed Poll), you must contact the Land and Property Information (LPI) NSW office.

The Land and Property Information (LPI) NSW office will require a copy of all supporting documentations to process the alteration to your name. The Land and Property Information (LPI) NSW office will alter the deeds and notify Council accordingly.


Further Information

Requests for clarification on matters referred to above and any other rating inquiry should be directed by telephone or in person to Council's Customer Service Centre in Gulgong, Mudgee or Rylstone.

Rates FAQs

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