Development Applications

 DA Number
Plan No.
Street Name
Off Exhibition
Supporting Information*
DA0237/2020 Demolition of a Building and Alterations and Additions to an Existing Residential Care Facility  10 1717725 Douro Street MUDGEE 21/05/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 327Kb)
DA0246/2020 Proposed Change of Use to a Depot and Alterations/Additions to the Existing Building including Signage  A 162567 Sydney Road MUDGEE 29/05/2020 Supporting information
DA0259/2020 Proposed Detached Residential Shed 29 121812 Diana Drive SPRING FLAT 26/05/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 392Kb)
DA0252/2020 Proposed Secondary Dwelling  21 791533 Rayner Street  MUDGEE 27/05/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 345Kb)
DA0226/2020 Proposed Detached Residential Shed 10 1227585 Butler Circle BOMBIRA 28/05/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 535Kb)
DA0216/2020 Proposed Alterations and Additions  10 719174 Louee Street  RYLSTONE 01/06/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 279Kb)
DA0263/2020 Proposed Detached Dual Occupancy  7 1196157 Stan Boal Court MUDGEE 01/06/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 109Kb)
DA0264/2020 Proposed Change of Use (Hall to Serviced Apartment) 9 758482 Belmore Street GULGONG 01/06/2020  Supporting Information (PDF 334Kb)
DA0269/2020 Proposed New Dwelling and Carport and Change of Use to Secondary Dwelling 2 1131615 Lue Road MILROY 03/06/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 318Kb)
DA0274/2020 Proposed Primitive Camping Ground 1 1253161 Coricudgy Road KELGOOLA 03/06/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 626Kb)
DA0257/2020 Proposed Residential Alterations & Additions 1 564561 Lawson Street MUDGEE 04/06/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 53Kb)
DA0271/2020 Proposed Residential Shed 6 248092 Cedar Avenue MUDGEE 04/06/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 67Kb)
DA0268/2020 Proposed Demolition of Storage Shed 388 755434 Station Street GULGONG 05/06/2020 Supporting Information (PDF 359Kb)

Further supporting information is available should you wish to view it – please contact Council.

Any person is invited to inspect the application and plans at Council's Administration Centre, 86 Market Street Mudgee. Plans may also be made available at the following locations, upon request:

  • Administration Centre, 109 Herbert Street, Gulgong
  • Administration Centre, 77 Louee Street, Rylstone

Council's offices are open for inspection of the plans during office hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Written comments in respect of any application must be addressed to the General Manager and received prior to 4:30pm on the day the application comes off exhibition.