Disclosure Log

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA) requires agencies to keep a disclosure log of applications where access is provided (to some or all of the information applied for) and may be considered of interest to other members of public.

Details are recorded in the disclosure log once the access application has been decided.

To obtain a copy of documents issued, please contact Council's Right to Information Officer on (02) 6378 2850.

The disclosure log does not contain any personal information.


Reference Decision Date Information Provided 
INM700001 08/08/2018 Information relating to the construction, maintenance and injuries in regards to the Gulgong Skate Park
INM700017 15/06/2018

Information relating to any road closure in regards to Lot 89 in DP573113, Lot 90 in DP573113, Lot 28 in DP755450 and Lot 133 in DP755450

 000005 06/02/2018 

 ICAC Report on 'Operation Farra'


 Reference Decision Date Information Provided 
 000001 13/10/2017   DA & CC files relating to property P2109711 - "Broadview Estate"
 000004 05/09/2017 Structural Report for Mudgee Showground Grandstand 
 INM700017 05/06/2017 Modified DA documents for proposed alterations and additions to Cottage Museum (28-30 Louee St Rylstone)
INM700017  13/06/2017  DA & CC documents relating to 203 Church Street Mudgee


Reference Decision Date Information Provided
 INM700017  27/07/2016  DA0179/2015
 INM700017  27/07/2016  DA file for Lot 84 DP756865