Political Donations

Political Donations - Applicant Disclosure

A disclosure statement of a reportable political donation or gift must accompany a planning application or submission if the reportable donation or gift is made within two years before the application or submission is made.  If the donation or gift is made after the lodgement of the application, a disclosure statement must be sent to the relevant consent or approval authority within 7 days after the donation or gift is made.
A reportable donation is defined as;

$1,000 or more made to or for the benefit of the party, elected member, group or candidate;

$1,000 or more made by a major political donor to or for the benefit of a party, elected member, group or candidate, or made to the major political donor;

Less than $1,000 if the aggregated total of the donations made by the entity or person to the same party, elected member, group, candidate or person within the same financial year (ending 30 June) is $1,000 or more.

For more information, please contact Council Planning Department on 63787850 .




Councillor Requirements

All Councillors have an ongoing six monthly obligation under the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act, 1981 to lodge a Declaration of Political Donations Received and Electoral Expenditure Incurred during the disclosure period.
For further information and/or to view the public register of all current donations and expenditure declarations lodged by Councillors, visit the Election Funding Authority website.