2018/19 Operational Plan Process

Get involved in Mid-Western Regional Council’s 2018/19 Operational Plan Process

Council considers new infrastructure and service delivery projects as part of the annual planning process each year. Council has commenced consultation for the 2018/19 Operational Plan and is accepting community proposals for consideration during the process.
The Operational Plan sets out the projects and activities which Council is committed to over the coming financial year, with measures, timeframes, and responsibilities identified.
The plan includes Council’s Revenue Policy (Rating Model), 2018/19 proposed Fees and Charges, Capital Works program, Annual Budget and Delivery Program.
Proposals can be made via the following E-Form and PDF Form (see below), or in writing addressed to Council’s Finance Department.
Submission forms are also available at all Customer Service Centres.

The Draft Delivery Program 2017/21 and Draft Operational Plan 2018/19 as endorsed by Council at the 18 April 2018 Council Meeting will be on exhibition until 18 May 2018; Submissions will be accepted up until 18 May 2018. You can view the document here (PDF 8Mb).  

(PDF 164Kb)


 Make a submission to the Draft Operational Plan Proposal 

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