Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program   Summer Reading Program Prizes


1. Your game pack contains this Game Card which has enough squares for the whole Summer Reading Program.

2. On each day that you read (or in the case of very young gamers, have books read to you) for TWENTY MINUTES or more, use a pencil to shade in that day and get an adult to initial the day as well.   Please note that you can only colour in ONE GAME SQUARE PER DAY.

3. For every SEVEN days of reading you will earn a ticket in the Prize Draw.  These days don’t need to be all in a row, so don’t panic if you miss a day.  Aim to read for as many days as possible so that you can earn the maximum number of tickets!  If you go away on holidays, take your Game Card with you and keep reading!

4. You can read anything you like - as long as it’s at your reading level. 

5. Bring your Game Card to the library regularly to have each seventh day of reading stamped, fill out your ticket and borrow more books!  You will earn a BONUS ticket for every third visit to the library.

6. BONUS tickets can also be earned by completing the extra puzzles for your age group that are in this Game Card, as well as the page that came in your Game Pack.

7. The cut off to earn tickets is at 5pm on Monday 22 January.  The prizes will be drawn at Mudgee Library on Wednesday 24 January at 4pm.  You don’t have to be at the draw to win a prize.