Mobile Library Service

Our Mobile Library visits primary schools, nursing homes, housebound residents and outlying villages across the region once every three weeks. Anyone who has difficulty in getting to the library may be able to access this service; eligibility is not restricted to age. For more information please call the library on 6378 2740 or email 

Mobile Library

Please check your location below for the current Mobile Library schedule:

  • Cooks Gap, Ulan & Mudgee Housebound
  • Goolma, Wenonah Lodge & Gulgong Housebound
  • Hargraves & Lue
  • Mudgee Housebound
  • Opal Aged Care, Mudgee Housebound & Pioneer House
  • Rylstone, Kandos & Ilford
  • Wollar, Cooyal & Kanandah