Regional Platters


From the cotton and wool we wear, to the juices and wine we drink, to the fruits and meats we enjoy, to the fresh eggs and bacon we have for breakfast, and the yummy olives we have on our cheese platters; our farmers are throwing open the farm gates to share the story of their products through an exciting new program. 

Regional Platters is an agricultural trail guide designed to connect producers in the central west with a range of markets including the group visitor market, investors and special interest groups. 

Flip through the guide, explore the products and plan your group’s visit to the region by contacting the producers directly or liaising with a tour operator.

(PDF 2Mb)


To visit a producer, contact them directly via the information listed in the Regional Platters guide.

To organise a group tour, contact one of the tour operators listed in the Regional Platters guide.

If you're a local producer and want to know more about Regional Platters and how you can diversify your business, contact us.