Events Assistance Program

Mid-Western Regional Council’s Events Assistance Program is designed to assist local community events which benefit the local economy and attract visitors to the region. Prior to completing your application, please ensure you have read the eligibility guidelines & criteria to ensure you are eligible to apply for Events Assistance Funding.

Please note:

  • Only not-for-profit events are eligible to apply for Events Assistance funding.
  • Events can apply for up to a maximum of $2,500 cash or in-kind for events. The final funding amount will be determined by Council.
  • There will be two application periods:
    Period 1: Events taking place between 1 July 2021 and 31 December 2021
    Period 2: Events taking place between 1 January 2022 and 30 June 2022
    Please see below further details on application timelines.
  • Events can only apply for Events Assistance funding if no other Council funding (including financial assistance) has been provided for the same event in the same year.
  • All applications must be received no later than then the funding period deadline. Please refer to eligibility criteria and guidelines for timeline.
  • If you are applying for in-kind assistance, please refer to Council's current fees and charges prior to completing your application.

Period 1: Events held between July 1 - December 31 2021

Applications CLOSED

Period 2: Events held between January 1 - June 30 2022

Applications CLOSED

Multi-Year Funding

Events with proven success of at least 2 years, may apply for multi-year funding of up to 3 years. Whereby funding will be allocated to the same event for each future year subject to the event continuing to meet planned event outcomes and Council’s acquittal process.

Events falling between
1 July and
31 December
Events falling between
1 January and
30 June
Applications open online via MWRC website


Applications close


Report to Council Meeting
(depending on timing of meeting)
Funding released JULY JANUARY

Applications outside application period

Applications received outside Council’s formal application periods will be held until the following Event Assistance program period is open. These applications will be reported to Council as part of the following Events Assistance report.

Additional points in-kind requests

Value Judgement:

All events requesting 100% in-kind assistance receive 10 bonus points (noting only up to cost of in-kind services will be funded).

Download the Events Assistance Policy here.

Assessment Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Clearly state the aims, objectives and desired outcomes of the event
  • Ensure the event creates and promotes a positive image of the Mid-Western Region
  • Demonstrate the estimated number of locals and visitors who will be attracted to the event (and provide final accurate attendance figures post-event)
  • Demonstrate a high level of support from the local community, local businesses and establish a strong committee of volunteers
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully market and promote the event
  • Be not-for-profit
  • Demonstrate the ability for the event to continue and develop in future years
  • Demonstrate other forms of sponsorship, financial income and support for the event
  • Demonstrate the expected economic impact and sustainability of the event (and provide final figures post-event)
  • Hold current Public Liability insurance. A Certificate of Currency must be received by Council before funding can be released
  • Ensure the Council logo is used on all marketing material and that all material be approved by Council prior to going to print
  • Provide a post-event evaluation including photos, press clippings, copies of all marketing material, attendance figures, economic benefit of the event, involvement of the local community (including volunteers and businesses). Failure to provide a post-event evaluation report will result in the applicant/event not being eligible for future funding.

Ineligible Applications/Activities:

  • Events not staged in the Mid-Western LGA
  • Events run for commercial profit
  • Events which have already received funding from Council for the same event in the same year
  • Payment of wages or day-to-day operation funding for the organisation
  • Events with potential safety and/or environment hazards


The following events have been successful in receiving funding during Council’s recent rounds of Events Assistance Funding: