Mudgee Region Zoom backgrounds

Do you wish you were 'Zoom'-ing from the beautiful Mudgee region?

Download one of the beautiful Mudgee region images below to use as your virtual background.

Points to note:
  • To make your image fit properly and look good, you need an image that matches the aspect ratio of your webcam. Most built-in webcams in modern laptops have an aspect ratio of 16:9, but some have (or can be set to) an aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • To find out the aspect ratio of your webcam in Windows 10, open the Camera app, then the Settings menu. Here you can verify and change your camera settings.
  • If you are on a Mac, click on the Apple icon > About this Mac > Support > Specifications. A web page will open with your system specs where you can look for information about your webcam.

If you're unsure of how to use Zoom virtual backgrounds, you can learn how with this tutorial for Zoom desktop virtual backgrounds, and Zoom virtual backgrounds from your iPhone.

Note: to save the image files, wait for them to load in your screen then right-click and save as image (for desktop), or press and hold your finger on the image and an option to download will pop up (for iPhone).

 Flavours of Mudgee crowd scene with clock tower in the background
 Glen Willow Regional Sporting Complex crowd scene with stadium in the background
Grapevines landscape with hills in the background 
Gulgong street scene 1*
Gulgong street scene 2*
Kandos street scene with mountains in the background 
Lawson Park, Mudgee 
Cudgegong River at Lawson Park, Mudgee
Mudgee clock tower roundabout with St Marys Catholic Church in the background
Mudgee Town Hall
Rylstone bridge scene

 * You may need to unclick 'mirror images' in your settings to view these images correctly, however they will appear the right way around in a Zoom meeting regardless.