Commercial Property

As part of the Local Government Fit for Future reform process, councils were encouraged to focus on long term financial sustainability.  This included exploring new ways to raise additional revenue to support councils continued service delivery to the community. 

It was clearly recognised under the reform process that it is not sustainable for councils to continue to rely on state and federal government grants, and to continue to increase rates from ratepayers in the long term.  Councils were compelled to consider alternate sources of revenue. 

Council submitted an Improvement Action Plan to the NSW Office of Local Government to identify actions it would pursue to achieve long term financial sustainability.  One of the key actions in generating own source revenue was to pursue opportunities to raise additional revenue through maintaining a strong commercial property portfolio.

The objective of growing Council’s commercial property portfolio is reflected in Council’s key strategic documents including the Towards 2030 Community Plan (the highest level strategic plan for the Mid-Western Region), the 4 Year Delivery Program 2017/2021 and Operational Plan 2018/19.  Council allocates resources to investigate and pursue relevant commercial property opportunities.

Council's current commercial property portfolio includes:


77 Mortimer Street, Mudgee
81 Mortimer Street, Mudgee
27 Fleming Street, Kandos
67 Medley Street, Gulgong
39 Saleyards Lane, Mudgee
Cudgegong Road, Rylstone
7 Carwell Street, Rylstone
22 Short Street, Mudgee
2-8 Bell Street, Mudgee

Council continues to seek new opportunities to invest in commercial property or acquire strategic land, which will allow Council to be financially sustainable and continue to meet the service delivery expectations of the community.