The quality of the lifestyle available to residents in the Mudgee Region is second to none with a wide and diverse range of services, facilities and employment opportunities available in the charming towns of Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos and Rylstone, as well as many surrounding rural settlements and villages. Family-friendly town centres are alive with open spaces, parks and sporting facilities where a large number of outdoor activities, entertainment, community and private events are held each year.

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A POPULAR LOCATION for tree changers who have had enough of traffic jams, congestion and long work hours, the Mudgee Region offers the best of metropolitan conveniences, connections and style along with the safe, clean, affordable and comfortable lifestyle of a friendly country community.

THE REGION HAS A RICH CULTURAL LIFE, making it a perfect home to vibrant, energetic, artistic and intelligent people with well-established cultural traditions. The famous local markets celebrate the region’s gastronomy and showcase the products of talented locals.