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The Mudgee Region is a business-friendly region with a diverse economic base and significant new business opportunities. It is the diversity of the Region (from agriculture through to mining) that makes it prosperous and supports a strong and stable business sector. Businesses in the Mudgee Region continue to expand and grow which provides for a thriving community.

Being centrally located in regional NSW and with efficient transport links, conducting business in the Mudgee Region is easy. The Mudgee Region is open for business and encourages local innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Profile of Local Businesses
There were 2,641 actively trading businesses in the Mudgee Region as at June 2011 (ABS Cat No. 8165.0). This compares with 2,538 actively trading businesses at the last count in June 2009 (representing a 4 percent increase).

The largest numbers of businesses in the Region are in the agriculture (37 percent) and construction (13 percent) industries. Other industries with a relatively high number of businesses include accommodation and food services, retail and other professional services (all around 5 percent).
58 percent of all businesses in the Region are non-employing businesses. Micro and small businesses, with less than 20 employees account for 39 percent of all businesses in the Region. Only 3 percent of businesses in the Region have more than 20 employees.

The majority of businesses (67 percent) in the Region have annual turnover of less than $200,000. 18 percent of businesses have annual turnover greater than $200,000 but less than $500,000. 15 percent of businesses have annual turnover greater than $500,000.

Business Development Support
Mid-Western Regional Council aims to work collaboratively with key stakeholders to achieve sustainable economic growth and business development in the future. It accepts an active leadership role in fostering partnerships between regional businesses and community organizations in the Region and promoting a favourable business climate with a strong environmental and social balance.

Mid-Western Regional Council can assist existing and new businesses to identify and pursue opportunities to generate economic and employment activity in the Region.

Business and Industry Organisations
There are active business and industry groups in the major towns of the Region. New businesses in the Region are encouraged to contact the various organizations to meet other like-minded business people and obtain other business support benefits such as shared local knowledge and experience, and networking opportunities.


Group Name Website Email
Rylstone Kandos Business & Tourism Group
Gulgong Chamber of Commerce
Mudgee Chamber of Commerce
Mudgee Fine Foods Inc.
Mudgee Grape Growers Association Inc.

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Regional Snapshot

The Mudgee Region is located just over 3 hours from Sydney in Central West NSW. It has a dynamic and friendly community and a strong and diverse economic base, providing opportunities for future business development and growth. The Region also attracts almost 500,000 visitors each year to experience local wine, food, sporting and cultural events.

Population: 23,000

Area: 9,000 sq km

Major towns and centres
• Mudgee
• Gulgong
• Kandos
• Rylstone

Major industries
• Agriculture
• Mining
• Tourism
• Viticulture

Competitive advantages
• Diverse and growing economic base
• Centrally located to Sydney and Newcastle and major regional centres in NSW
• Strong transport links – daily air and coach services
• Skilled workforce
• Strong business services sector
• Great lifestyle benefits
• Thriving tourism, arts and cultural sectors
• Adequate water supply