Making a Submission

Council's Development Control Plan, Section 1.12 Community Consultation, outlines whether a Development Application (DA) needs to be notified to adjoining owners and/or advertising.

Copies of the DAs currently on exhibition are available for your perusal at Council's Administration Centre at 86 Market Street, Mudgee, or can be viewed in the link here.

Submissions should be lodged with Council before the final date specified in the public notice.  Late submissions may not be accepted.

Submissions, including objection letters, which are made in relation to DA’s, are considered to be open access information under the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009. Open access information is available for inspection by members of the public, including the applicant/owner, and may be published in Council reports or on Council’s website.  

Under section 739 of the Local Government Act 1993, a person may request that their name and address be removed from documents available for public inspection, if disclosure would place that person or members of their family’s personal safety at risk. Requests must be made in writing to the General Manager of Council and you must provide supporting information. You may be requested to provide a signed statutory declaration in support of your request.  

Council officers assess DA’s against criteria set out in local planning controls and legislation. Therefore, your submission must clearly set out your concerns in order that they can be properly considered against the proposal. Some issues you may wish to consider in your submission relating to a DA include comments on views, floorspace, height, urban design, heritage, traffic and car parking, noise, landscaping, drainage, privacy and overshadowing.

Most DAs are assessed and determined by staff under delegated authority, however some DAs may be called up to, and considered at a full Council meeting. The public is welcome to attend these meetings, which are held in the Council Chambers at 86 Market Street, Mudgee every month (click here to view dates). Agendas and reports for the Council meeting are generally made available online, on the Friday proceeding the scheduled meeting.

The e-form to make a submission is available here.


If amendments are made to the application before determination and Council officers consider these to be minor or to reduce impacts, you will not be re-notified. However, Council will contact you if significant changes are made to the current proposal.

If the DA is to be determined by Council, Council staff will contact people who made a submission to inform them of the meeting date once the agenda has been published. Please provide a daytime telephone number, fax number or email address so that we can contact you, as the short timeframe means it is not always practical to post a letter.

When a final determination is made about a DA all people who make a submission are informed of the outcome. For DAs determined by the Council, Council business papers are available online.

Privacy Note

Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998

The  personal information the Council is collecting from you is:

  • your name;
  • address; and
  • any personal information in your submission.

Possible recipients of the personal information are:

  • officers within Council;
  • any other agent of the Council;
  • people who have made submissions on the matter;
  • the applicant;
  • Councillors and those who attend Council meetings;
  • those who access the Council business papers; and
  • members of the public who seek access under relevant legislation.

The supply of this information by you is voluntary and in accordance with the spirit of relevant legislation is considered to be in the public domain. However, in certain circumstances, a person may request that their personal information be suppressed. If this is required please advise Council in writing (clearly indicating the personal inforamtion you wish to have suppressed) at the time of making the submission.

Council is collecting personal information from you in order to assess an application made pursuant to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 or Local Government Act 1993.

You may make application for access or amendment to personal information held by Council.

The agency that will hold this information is Council.

Enquiries concerning privacy considerations regarding this matter should be addressed to the Public Officer, Mid-Western Regional Council, PO Box 156, Mudgee, NSW 2850.

Political Donation Disclosures

A disclosure statement of a reportable political donation or gift must accompany a planning application or submission if the reportable donation or gift is made within two years before the application or submission is made. If the donation or gift is made after the lodgement of the application, a disclosure statement must be sent to the relevant consent or approval authority within 7 days after the donation or gift is made.

  • Political Donations Register
  • Councillor Requirements