On-site Sewerage Management

Council has developed an On-Site Sewage Management Plan to help effectively manage domestic sewage and wastewater throughout the region.  It aims to prevent risk to public health and minimise the impact of on-site sewage management facilities on the environment.  Together with the NSW Department of Local Government’s The Easy Septic Guide, these documents provide guidelines for the selection, design, siting, construction, operation and maintenance of on-site sewage management facilities.

Registration & approval of new/existing on-site sewage management systems

Which septic system is right for you?

Reporting a malfunctioning septic tank / wastewater system?

Legislation and guidelines for on-site sewage management 

  • Registration & Approval of New/Existing On-Site Sewage Management Systems
  • Which Septic System is Right for You?
  • Reporting a Malfunctioning Septic Tank / Wastewater System

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On-Site Sewerage Management System

What are the requirements for septic tanks?
You are required by legislation to register a septic tank and to get approval from Council for its installation. The type of system you are required to have will be dependent upon the risk of contamination and the proximity to water courses and other sensitive parts of the landscape. Refer to the Septics Tanks page.  



Download the On-Site Sewerage Management Factsheet  (211kb)



Download the On-Site Sewerage Management Plan  (278kb)