Food Regulation

Mid-Western Regional Council is committed to working in partnership with the NSW Food Authority in addressing food related matters such as food premises inspections, safe food handling and food borne illness investigations. Part of this role is to provide advice to food business owners and operators on the requirements needed to be met in order to comply with the Food Act 2003 and the Food Standards Code. In a region with a growing and diverse range of rood businesses, Council aims to take both an education and enforcement approach to food handling in an effort to maintain the health and safety of the community.

Food Safety Supervisors

Important information for food businesses

New food laws are in place to help protect NSW consumers from foodborne illness.

Certain hospitality and retail food service businesses (like restaurants, cafes, takeaways, clubs, pubs) need to appoint at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor in their business. Businesses will have until 1 October 2011 to appoint a trained Food Safety Supervisor and notify Council of who their Food Safety Supervisor is. Training must be completed at a NSW Food Authority approved Registered Training Organisation.

A Food Safety Supervisor Certificate will be issued by Registered Training Organisations in addition to the usual Statement of Attainment after successful completion of the taining requirements. While the NSW Food Authority may recognise previous training, an application for a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate is required to be submitted for consideration to the NSW Food Authoirty with payment of $30.

You can download the Food Safety Certificate Request Form here (PDF 114Kb) and forward the completed form with payment to: NSW Food Authority, PO Box 6682, Silverwater NSW 1811.

Once you have nominated a Food Safety Supervisor for your business (where required) and they have obtained the necessary training/Food Safety Supervisor Certificate, please complete the Food Safety Supervisor notification form that you can download here (PDF 419Kb) and return to Council either in person or by email, post or fax.

For more information about the new Food Safety Supervisor requirements and a list of approved training providers, visit the NSW Food Authority's website or phone the Authority's helpline on 1300 552 406 (interpreting services available)