Business Licensing

This webpage contains information relevant to setting up a shop involving Hair, Beauty and/or Skin Penetration. This webpage contains details on the following items however, it is also requested that you download the factsheet for further shop fitout requirements.

If you are planning to operate a hair, beauty or skin penetration business, it is important that you are aware of the health risks, regulations and Council requirements involved. Unsafe or unhygienic premises or procedures in these industries can put both customers and operators health at serious risk and can lead to the spread of infectious diseases. Under the Public Heath Act 1991 and the Local Government Act 1993, Councils are required to maintain a register of these businesses. This register helps Council monitor and ensure compliance with the relevant legislation in order to reduce the potential health risks to the community. The following pages provide all the relevant details for setting up and operating a hair, beauty or skin penetation business in the Mid-Western.

Hair, Beauty or Skin Penetration Business Registration

Whether you are required to obtain Council Approval for your business or not, all hair, beauty or skin penetration businesses are required to be registered with Council under the Public Health Act 1991 and/or the Local Government Act 1993. A new registration is also required if a business changes owners or premises. Registration can happen either in conjunction with your Development Application if you are required to submit one, or by submitting the registration form to Council.

You may also need to contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading and/or the Australian Business Register with regards to obtaining an ABN and/or any other licences that may apply to your business.

Mobile Hair, Beauty or Skin Penetration Business

Mobile hair, beauty and skin penetration businesses need to be registered with and obtain approval from Council by submitting the registration form. Mobile operators who travel to other council areas are additionally required to notify the local councils within those areas of the following details:

  • The procedures to be carried out;
  • The length of time at the site;
  • The location;
  • Where waste will be disposed, and;
  • Show the current approval given by home/base local council.

An initial inspection will be required of the mobile facilities before approval is given to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Further inspections of individual sites of operation may also be required depending on the location and the nature of procedures being conducted. The mobile facility/vehicle must not be used for any other purpose other than that which is designed and approved for, for example a vehicle approved for the use of a skin penetration business must not be used in any way for accommodation or the preparation of food.

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